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31.12.2013 New Year’s Eve
14.12.2013 Meeting with  The Priest Adam Boniecki and our Christmas Eve.

The sixth  meeting of the project "We can also as much ... what they can".

Presentation “Humour and good jokes are indispensable in my life” prepared by Mateusz Sińczuk who graduated The Academy of Special Pedagogic in Warsaw on Social Work Specialization, getting a master’s degree.

15.11.2013 Faith -  We got the first letter from Faith Adhiambo.


The fifth meeting of the project "We can also as much ... what they can".

Topic of the meeting; “Without hikes difficult to live”. The hero if the day was Krzysztof Kurowski, lawyer .


The fourth meeting of the project "We can also as much ... what they can".

Presentation “Is it true that I do not say” prepared  by Michael Woźniak who is the  student of the Department of Physics at The University of Warsaw.


Meeting with Darryl Sellwood from Australia.


Darryl was a guest AAC conference which took  part on the 16th October 2013 in Warsaw.
the Topic: "The inclusion of people who happened to disability in social life. Discuss with the person who has severe speech disorders."

Darryl Sellwood obtain a doctoral degree in 2014. Due to its complex communication needs to communicate with the surrounding uses AAC devices. As an educated computer scientist with experience in the field of telecommunications, has a deep insight into the needs of users as AAC, as well as hardware requirements.

Darryl graduated with an honorary award at the Humanities Department, exploring the possibilities of the use of ICT by people who are using the AAC. Co-author of the article is based on research conducted with teachers, awarded among the four studies published in 2012 in the Journal of Australia. Penetrating and provocative, full involvement of the speaker, who has performed at many national and international conferences, often as the main speaker. Darryl is the theme of the doctoral experience sexual and intimate sphere of people with cerebral palsy who use AAC.


We can also as much .... what they can”


Topic of the third  meeting was: "I photograph forever"
The hero of the day was Marek Wasilewski, who is a technician of the computer scientist.


International Day of Cerebral Palsy Children.

Preview screening of the film "Chce się Żyć" with the participation of members of the Association Ożarowska. The film tells the story of Matthew who  is the boy with  Cerebral Palsy.


Topic of the second meeting: "My Budapest and my poems"
The hero of
the day was Thomas Rudnicki. He is a poet and also has a master's degree in Polish Philology at the University of Budapest.
Moreover Thomas is writing a doctoral thesis.
He was presenting poems during this meeting. Poems come from volumes under the title "My Japan" and "Reflected in the Mirror". Poems were read by Waldemar Pękala.


The first meeting of  The project “ We can also as much .... what they can”.

Presentation “Adrenaline is  in may life“ prepared by Tomasz Feliszewski lawyer, sociologist, fan of extreme sport and more .


Tomasz Rudnicki published a new volume of poetry entitled "Reflected in the mirror”. This volume was co-authored with Marta Świć who is also a very talented poet despite her disability. If you are looking for poetry that is thought-provoking and full of heart, please go to: www.rasil.home.pl



Summer camp in Bondyrz. The main highlight of this year’s camp was the fact, that Elizabeth Pappert agreed to be one of the campers and conducted therapy sessions based on the rules and guidelines of conducted education. The camp’s atmosphere was amazing and the spirits were high thanks to the outstanding, very active and energetic volunteers. As for fun and entertainment, we had a little boccia tournament, leaned how to operate an active wheelchair, rock climb and on top of that we got to know a thing or two on how people with disabilities realize their passion for sailing.


8 -12.07.

For the second year in a row we celebrated our Association’s anniversary with a trip. This time we decided to go to Berlin, Potsdam and to a “Tropical Island”. Twenty two of our members and their caretakers participated in this adventure. On our way to Germany, we took the time to visit the beautiful old town in Poznań. Our Berlin itinerary included the Museum Island (we visited the Pergamon Museum and the New Museum), a stroll down the Unter den Linden boulevard. We also admired the historical treasures and monuments of Berlin. Moreover, we had the chance to see the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag building, Potsdamer Platz [the Potsdam Square] Checkpoint Charlie and remains of the Berlin Wall. We had the honor to walk between concrete pillars that together form the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. We finished off the first day of our trip with a cruise on the Spree river. On the second day of our trip we visited Potsdam and the Sanssouci Palace in the royal park. However, the trip would not be complete without some fun, so we saved the best for last and towards the end of our we spent several remaining hours on the “Tropical Island” before coming back home.

We would like to take this opportunity and thank Mr. Jan Wardecki who generously agreed to be our tour guide/volunteer and to show us the ins and outs of Berlin. Thank you very much for the bottom of our hearts.


The new, eleventh issue of the CP Network Bulletin is now available for download. As always readers will find many interesting articles in the bulletin. This issue was also co-authored by Mateusz Sińczuk. In his article Mateusz talks about the support system for people with disabilities in the USA. It turns out, that with the right support disabled people can not only be independent but lead fulfilling lives.


Grand opening of play entitled “The Braid of Loneliness” staged by the “OD-NOWA” dance and acting group. All members of the group are people with disabilities. Among them is our very own Anna Kozik. The play is based on the poems of Kazimierz Przerwa Tetmajer and shows different aspects and forms of loneliness which are present in this day and age.


We had the privilege of meeting Evelyn Abungu, teacher from a school in Kenya, which was founded to help and support poor and orphaned children. Evelyn talked to us about Kenya, her work, difficult situation of kids in this country and various types of charity events and outreach programs that are organized for the benefit of the children. During the meeting with Evelyn we have decided to adopt and support ten years old Faith Adhiambo.


On 19th - 20th of April 2013 in the Hotel Artis in the Zamość representatives of the Association Ożarowska: Kasia Rocka, Bożena Wądołowska took part in the conference titled: “From patient and student to citizen – participation of handicapped people and their families in the main nurture of the social live”. Polish and British experience. It was organized by Association “Step by step” in Zamość as a realization of the project “Borderland of the equal chances” carried out with the support of Switzerland in the Swiss program of cooperation with the new EU member states. Participants and speakers shared their experiences dynamically.


Anna Kozik authors is inviting you for the authors evening under the title: The word written by soul.
TuPraga House Culture
Dąbrowszczaków 2 street Warsaw
In the program:
selected poems from the volume titledColor of my life” is sued in 2012

Invite you for free!


Contraception you have the right to know. Website which not only Teenagers are using  http://www.ampw.pl  Invite You!

21.01.2013 On behalf of members of the association of disabled persons and their Friends "to last in Hope" and own I am inviting for Carnival meeting our Association. It will be taking place in the centre of Promotion of the Culture (in the spectacular room on the ground floor) by Podskarbińska 2 in Warsaw on the 2nd of  February 2013. The meeting will start at 12:00 pm and at 4:30 pm will finish.

As every year, Cuba was playing with his mother and sisters Ula and Anne and also Agatha for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.




Every year  Wandafonds Foundation  found courses and workshops for Polish doctors, physical therapists and orthopedic technicians. They can test their knowledge and skills, as well as learn about new trends in CP treatment from the most eminent Polish and Dutch specialists.

This year Wandafonds  did it again.

In days  22-24 November the "Multidisciplinary treatment of children with cerebral palsy" - Basic Course and „Comprehensive rehabilitation with Botulinum toxin treatment, functional strength training and orthotics” - Advanced Course were  held in Józefów.


You can read more on 


INDEPENDENCE OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES? IT’S POSSIBLE! - author Mateusz Sińczuk - graduate of the Academy of Special Education with a master of Arts degree in Social Work. Member of the "Ożarowska" Association [more]


Active weekend at the Polish National Stadium during a game of American Football.



Our third summer camp in Bondyrz. As in previous years (it is our third summer camp there already) we went camping to the summer resort owned by the “Step by step” Association [more].



We are celebrating our 10th anniversary with a trip to Budapest. Our five-day trip to Hungary was very special for all of us, as in this way we wanted to commemorate the 10th anniversary of our association. Our group was quite big – 36 people in all, including 16 people in wheelchairs. [more]


Music for integration” at the National Warsaw Philharmonic. Ten of our disabled music lovers took part in a project called “Music for integration” – a joint effort of the BGŻ Bank, National Warsaw Philharmonic and the “Ożarowska” Association. [more]


We declare new season at the National Warsaw Philharmonic officially open.  Up  until June we will be participating in seven classical music concerts.


Just like in previous years, we encourage everyone to join us for meetings of the “Fishing rod” club. There you can not only meet great people and unwind in great atmosphere, but also stay fit thanks to physical exercises. The club opens its doors every Wednesday and Friday from 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.


Our friend Kuba Sulewski will yet again help raise money for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (no matter the weather). He won’t be doing this alone. His sister Agata will also be raising money for the Orchestra. Let’s help them out! We encourage all good-hearted people to support this great cause! You can meet Kuba on Sunday, January 8th 2012 at the corner of the Szwoleżerów 9 street (near the entrance to the Royal Baths Park in Warsaw). Kuba and his sister will be raising money from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Teksty na język angielski tłumaczy Karol Miller absolwent Wydziału Filologii Angielskiej na Uniwersytecie Warszawskim



31.12.2011 New Year's Eve

17.12.2011 Christmas Eve

16.12.2011 We’ve finished our season with the Warsaw’s National Philharmonic off by attending the Christmas carol concert. It was our ninth visit to the National Philharmonic this year.


Training apartments for people with physical disability at Powązkowska street number 44b  - the construction stage ended. The “Ożarowska” Association took part in this event. The building is now in raw state. The city’s pilot project regarding these apartments is planned for the upcoming year.

19.11.2011 Eva Kooyman was awarded by Polish-Australian POLKUL Foundation for her work with the Wandafonds Foundation.


Members of the “Ożarowska” Association  participated in “ORATORIO FOR ORCHESTRA AND WARSAW CITIZENS’ CHOIR”, a new music project of Z. Wollny and A. Zagajewski orchestrated and performed as part of the 54th International Festival Of Contemporary Music “Warsaw Autumn”. The main idea behind the project was cooperation of professional musicians and the citizens of Warsaw, who wished to voice their opinions regarding important matters, such as the social policy of the capital city of Warsaw. The concert was the outcome of this cooperation. It was organized in the city’s public space – an orchestrated manifestation of opinions and demands.

Our Association can be proud of its members for a couple of reasons:

  • We were the largest group participating in the project.

  • We had the best volunteers – special thanks go to Asia Gniewosz and Maksym Klingenberg.

  • We had the most original slogan: We don’t want a fish, we want to learn how to fish.



 Summer camp in Bondyrz-once again.

This time the weather was on our side, so we could fully appreciate the beauty of the Roztocze region. We went to the town of Zwierzyniec and then decided to try canoeing and driving a paddle boat on the Rudka reservoir. One of our strolls ended in the village of Guciów where, located in old, authentic huts, is the ethnographic and environmental museum of the region. The tour guide told us some very interesting things about the rocks from the Mesozoic era that can be found in the area, 1000 years of history of the local folk, unique nature, traditions and the history of Poland.


The „Ożarowska” Association has for the third time received  an EU grant for the implementation of a system project organized by the Warsaw Family Support Centre, called “Integration for Independence”. This year’s sub-project is entitled “Destination Independence – Step Three”. [Project information]



As Association, we always try and do our best to overcome the stereotypes which deal with the issue of how people in wheelchairs spend their free time – in this case, the holidays. That’s why every year we pick a place where we’d like to organize our summer camp and show our able-bodied peers that we can have fun too. After last year’s trip to Szczyrk, in the mountain area,  this year we’ve decided to  organize the camp under tents for 18 persons on the wheelchair !!! We went to visit the Roztocze range and stay for a week in Bondyrz  in the holiday centre of  “Step by step” Association,  our friends from Zamość. [more].


Erik and his dad Kees visit in Poland

We’ve waited long for it but finally our Dutch friend Erik and his dad Kees visited Poland and stayed with us from the 30th of June till the 6th of July [more]


Members of our Association took part in a conference entitled Tacy sami (“We are all the same”), organized by Kolorowe Przedszkole (Colorful Preschool). The conference was held in Łódź. Among its participants were world renowned specialists in the field of conductive education of the PETO Institute in Budapest. Then our representatives took part in the recording of program for TV Łódź regarding cerebral palsy. You can watch the video [here].


Tomek Rudnicki gave a poetry recital at the Ateneum Theatre as part of the N Theatre organized by The Artistic Culture Foundation For The Disabled. You can read Tomek’s poems [here].


The “Fishing- Rod” dayroom session opens its doors

We will meet on Mondays and on Wednesdays from 15:00 to 19:00.

Our  program:
15:00 -17:00  Group rehabilitation (Conductive Education)

17:00 -17:30  Coffee – talk

17:30 -19:00  Meeting with the psychologist

Additional, this year we will continue "
The Active Weekends Program"


From the 25th all through the 28th of January, members of the “Ożarowska” Association: Tomek Rudnicki, Kasia Krysińska, Mateusz Sińczuk and Kasia Rocka attended training workshops organized by the TUS Foundation, entitled How to establish a social cooperative?. It’s a combination of a company and a non-governmental organization – a chance for work and professional insertion for people with disabilities. Our representative, Tomek Rudnicki gave an interview for Gazeta Stołeczna.




The Association for Aid to Polish Children with CP – Wandandafonds, along with Polish and Dutch specialists organizes a course entitled “Interdisciplinary treatment of children with CP”- basic curse with selected topics for advanced participants. The course will start on the 17th and end on the 19th of November 2011.

The organizers are trying to obtain the approval of the Polish Rehabilitation Society. The syllabus of the course relies on contemporary medical knowledge and is compliant with ICF and other internationally recognized standards and requirements regarding rehabilitation of children with CP.

For more information go to www.wandafonds.nl .


Our friend Kuba Sulewski will yet again help raise money for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. He won’t be doing this alone. His sister Agatha and friend Beata will also be raising money for the Orchestra. We encourage all good-hearted people to help our friend and support this great cause! You can meet Kuba on Sunday, January 9th 2011 at the corner of the Szwoleżerów 9 street (near the entrance to the Royal Baths Park in Warsaw). He and his team will be raising money from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
[show map].




Ewa Kooyman-Piskorz – 10th laureate of the Friend of Polish Community in the Netherlands Award

Ewa Kooyman-Piskorz – Pole living In the Netherlands, madam president of the Wandafonds Foundation, has recently been awarded with the Friend of Polish Community in the Netherlands Award for the year 2010 for outstanding social work in the Netherlands and many years of work to the benefit of Polish children with spasticity.

Ewa Kooyman-Piskorz is the 10th laureate of this honorable mention established in the year 2000 by the Association of Polish Experts in Holland (STEP). [more]


The „Ożarowska” Association for Children, Teenager and Adults with Disabilities has for the second time received a grant from the European Social Fund as part of the project launched by the Warsaw Family Support Center, called “Integration for Independence”.

This year’s project called “Destination Independence – The Next Step” will offer continuation of activities from last year’s program, as well as new elements, whose goal is to prepare the project’s participants for living on their own in supported monitored flats, looking for a job and fulfilling their role in society. [more]



Exchange with Polish Youth

Erik from Holland [more]

30.04.2010 I have a dreams" our visit to Netherland 12-17th of April.


19.04.2010 15th Polish European Schuman Parade

more www.schuman.org.pl


Active weekend in Polish Radio One.

Thanks to our dear friend Anna Kozik  on March 27th we have an opportunity to visit Polish Radio One. Ania organized everything by herself including transport. I was there with may sister Agata and my friend Marysia. For me the most interesting thing was the possibility to see how they cut out and put together sound peaces  they are going to use in the radio show and how they prepare the radio show in general. We also talked with a person who is the host of  “Summer with the radio” (my favorite program).

After our sightseeing has ended  we had cup of tee together with employees. Basically we enjoyed it very much, we received tee-cups and phone-leashes with logo of Polish Radio on it.

Kuba Sulewski



Our matters - problems of children and young adults with disabilities and their families, and the work of non-governmental organization Summary of presentation prepared by dr Barbara Sińczuk for Parent's Session in Zagórze. [more]



From 15th through 17th of March 2010 another in the series of courses will be held in Zagórze near Warsaw. The course is organized by the Masovian Centre for Neuropsychiatry and Rehabilitation for Children and Adolescents in Zagórze in cooperation with the Wandafonds Foundation and specialists from the University of Amsterdam and the Trappenbergu, Heliomare and Valkenburg centers under the guidance of professor Jules Becher and the Department of Children’s Orthopedics and Traumatology of the Medical Academy of Poznań. The course is entitled “Progress in therapy and rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy – an advanced course”.

As part of this course a session for parents will be held on the 15th of March (1:30 – 2:45 p.m.), during which professor Jules Becher will be answering the questions of parents and dr. Barbara Sińczuk of the Marian Weiss Rehabilitation Center at Ożarowska 75a, Warsaw, will deliver a lecture entitled “Our matters – problems of children and adults with disabilities and the work of non-governmental organizations”.

We encourage you to take part in this session



Photographical exhibition "Looking with hope" in Katowice




Session of Parliamentary Group for People with Disabilities entitled „Social alienation of Parents and caretakers of children and adults with disabilities and ways to prevent it” [more]




This year we spent New Year's Eve in Polish Theater on Shakespeare's art "Winter Story"

16.12.2009 Christmas Eve

5, 12.12. 2009

Active weekends - We took part in symphonic concerts in Warsaw Pilharmonic



Our visit to Holland. [more] [photos]


21 - 28.09.

Bicycle is cool,  Integration on three wheels, our vist to Achern

[photos] [more]


The Wola District Department of the capital city of Warsaw would like to invite you to take part in the Wola Parade 2009 – a review of public and non-governmental relief offers.

Time and place: 26th of September (Saturday), 2 p.m. the Sowiński Park amphitheater, Elekcyjna 17 street. Our Association will have their  own place where members of our organization will inform  the guests about activities for disabled peoples which we offer to them,  give out our leaflets, show some pictures of our events.

The people would have possibility to take part in many different activities like Thai-chi, concert, dancing  etc.

Admission free



The 7th Integrative Family Picnic – Szczęśliwice 2009

Time and place: Saturday, 19th of September 2009, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., Szczęśliwice Park



The Polish nationwide Association of Families of Disabled People “Razem Możemy Więcej” (Together we can do more)
(www.razem-mozemy-wiecej.org) organizes a picket outside the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

Time and place: 9.09.2009, 11 a.m., Aleje Ujazdowskie 1/3 Street

The Picket is called “We can’t feed our kids with love alone”. It’s another initiative from this Association, the previous one was called “Postcard to the minister”



We would like to invite you to take part in our project called “Activation for independence of adults with cerebral palsy through psychosocial interaction and mobility rehabilitation”. The project is financed thanks to a grant our Association has received from the European Union and the European Social Fund as part of the “Integration for Independence” project carried out by the Warsaw Family Support Centre. [more]



 First married couple in our Association
On June 27th Marianna and Piotr were joined in the holy matrimony. We wish the Happy Couple all the best and especially the strength to overcome any obstacles they might encounter. May they live happily ever after.



Active weekend at the King’s Castle

 [more] [photos]



Our children had celebrated an European Day of Battle Against Discrimination of Disabled People in Polish Parliament  [more]



It is with great joy that we welcome new initiative – an organization of parents whose main goal is to meet the needs of families with cerebral palsy children and providing them with the best possible care, medical treatment and education.

The Association of Parents with Cerebral Palsy Children has its own website: www.porazenie.nazwa.pl We encourage you to visit their website. We wish them many successes in their future work.



The “Fishing- Rod” dayroom session opens its doors

We will meet on Mondays and on Wednesdays from 15:00 to 19:00.

Our  program:
15:00 -17:00  Group rehabilitation (Conductive Education)

17:00 -17:30  Coffee – talk

17:30 -19:00  Meeting with the psychologist

Additional, this year we will continue "
The Active Weekends Program", which had  been created by Bartek Formanowski.




Members of the „Ożarowska” Association took active part in the second conference held in Zamość entitled In search of system solutions – standards of care for children affected by cerebral palsy. Consolidation of actions and federalization of institutions.

We have delivered a presentation entitled System aid for teenagers and adults with cerebral palsy in USA and Holland. We encourage you to visit the dedicated website www.siecmpd.pl





New Year’s Eve Ball

Courtesy of Mrs. Magdalena Palitańska, head of the Integrative Schools Complex No. 71, the Ball was held in one of the school buildings for the second time. The school complex is located on Deotymy Street No. 37. This year members of the Ożarowska Association were celebrating New Year’ Eve along with the members of Catholic Association of People with Disabilities.




Members of the „Ożarowska” Association took active part in the second conference held in Zamość entitled In search of system solutions – standards of care for children affected by cerebral palsy. Consolidation of actions and federalization of institutions.

We have delivered a presentation entitled System aid for teenagers and adults with cerebral palsy in USA and Holland. We encourage you to visit the dedicated website www.siecmpd.pl  and take an active part in the program of federalization of organizations acting for the benefit of people with cerebral palsy.



Christmas Eve

The main theme of this year’s Christmas Eve party was the celebration of Chrismas and Tales on how Christmas is celebrated in other countries, their customs related to Christmas and differences between Polish and foreign Christmas tradition.

  • The detailed plan of the party was as follows:

  • Group singing of In the Midnight’s Silence („Wśród nocnej ciszy”)

  • Reading from St. Mathew’s Gospel

  • Krzysiek read a passage from the Song on the birth of our Lord („Pieśń o Narodzeniu Pańskim”) by Franciszek Karpiński

  • Gosia told us about Christmas in Spain

  • Majka told us about Christmas in Holland

  • Agatka (Kuba’s sister) Said a few words about Christmas in Germany

  • Łukasz began chanting In David’s City (‘Dzisiaj w Betlejem”) and the whole group joined in

  • Marta presented interesting facto about Christmas in France

  • Arek told us about Christmas in Mexico

  • Tomek read a poem by Włodzimierz Lewek entitled: A Christmas Eve Letter to Mother („Lit wigilijny do Matki”)

  • Mateusz read a poem by Teofil Lenartowicz entitled Miód tajony i opłatek (brak angielskiego tłumaczenia)

  • Sharing the wafer

  • Supper



The members of our Association attended a lecture delivered by His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama of Tibet, laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize and one of the greatest moral authorities of our time. The lecture was entitled: Universal responsibility in today’s Word.



"Kitchen without barriers"– Joint Project of the "Ożarowska" Association and IKEA.



Representatives of our Association were invited by the FREE Agency to New York. The main goal of this visit was to Get to know the mechanisms governing the group family homes for people with disabilities administrated by the Agency. The Agency Has been administrating these homes for 30 years. We encourage you to read a brie account of the visit to New York and to watch the presentation. [more]





We took an active part in the conference held in Zamość entitled: In search of system solutions – standards of care for children affected by cerebral palsy. Consolidation of actions and federalization of institutions.

Our presentations:

1.  „Presentation of a model federalization of organizations acting for the benefit of people with cerebral palsy” delivered by Barbara Sińczuk M.D.

2.  „Presentation of work and achievements of the „Ożarowska” Association for children, teenagers and adults with disabilities – delivered by Bożena Wądołowska M.D.



Meeting Bosk, Parents Association Poland and Wand Fund. [more]




Tomasz Rudnicki acted as the representative of our Association during a trip to Holland with The Association of Parents with  Cerebral Palsy Children.

From 13th to 18th October a group of Polish children and their parents along with Tomek Rudnicki as the representative of teenagers/adults visited Holland at the invitation of the Wandafonds Foundation and the BOSK Foundation.

During their stay, they had the opportunity to attend various interesting meetings with members of non-governmental organizations and specialists from educational and rehabilitation centres. They visited Mytylschool were they learned about system solutions in the care for children and adults with various disabilities. The group met with Klazien Bron – direktor of the BOSK Fundation and Ineke Teunen of the Wandafonds Foundation. They talked about the scope and methods of work of both Dutch foundations.

Tomek Rudnicki presented the work and achievements of the children and teenager from Warsaw. The presentation evoked great deal of interest among the Dutch. It may result in future cooperation.

As far as sightseeing goes, the group visited the Zoo in Manheim and Madurodam where they saw a model of Holland diminished 25 times.



Parents of Cerebral Palsy Children Association organize a picnic. [more]



Active weekend at Royal Bathrooms. [more] [photos]



The Polish-Dutch training “The progress in cerebral palsy treatment. Course for advanced”. [more]



Childrens' Day with Leo Beenhakker and Wandafonds


[more] [photos]



Parents of Cerebral Palsy Children Association had been newly created. [more]



The first Active Weekend was prepared by Kasia and Przemek.
It was
a football mach between
Legia Warszawa and Wisła Kraków

[more] [photos]



Leo Beenhakker meets the children at the Ożarowska Centre.




Meeting of Dr Ewa Kooyman with parents of the disabled children at the Ożarowska Centre. [more]



Leo Beenhakker  had became an  ambassador of  the Wandafonds Foundation. [more]



Our Association begins this year’s edition of our  "FISHING ROD" dayroom session. [more]



The Active Weekends Program. [more]






Visit of Mrs. Magda van der Berg from the Wandafonds Foundation. [more]



The Fifth Anniversary of The Ożarowska Association.